Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Busy Weekend

Retirement seems like an inviting prospect lately. Its tooooo hard to fit the things we want to do in life while also working for a living. Don't get me wrong, my working life gives me great pleasure. I guess I'm blessed that way but at 60 years young, there's so much more we can look forward to.
Friday night we were invited to join friends, Denise and Darren for a dinner, and how relaxing it was. A really nice way to start the weekend. Denise makes great crepes, yummmmm.

I needed to get my usual Saturday morning ride in and as we rode along Beach road with the Bay to our left and a clear sky as we drift out of winter, I thought, how lucky are we to live where we live. The Spirit of Tasmania had docked at Port Melbourne on its return from Tasmania. People were sitting in cafes, sipping coffee and enjoying breakfast as we zoomed down the road.
On the return journey its a bit of a race with an attrition rate. BUT all is rewarded with a coffee at our usual bike shop, come coffee lounge. Its always a good chance to catch up with friends that have the same passion.
Saturday night we had lifetime friends Gloria and Barry around for dinner. We were originally planning to travel together in 2006 (see recent Wednesday blogs) but circumstances changed. Baz has been a mate of mine since our art school days. I think Barry met Gloria at the local bus stop as teenagers - isn't that romantic.
After a short viewing of Le Tour I was in bed at midnight to race in an event in Ballarat.

Now Ballarat is not the best place to be in winter (by Aussie standards). It has lovely architecture and a great gold mining history. Maybe a subject for a future blog I think.
But in Lycra, it's not the place to be in winter. I was glad to be home after a pathetic performance.

Nico came home with a bronze medal - its a wonder that we let him come home with us.

I was looking forward to a relaxing Sunday night in front of the telly, starting with the highlights of the previous night's stage of the Tour. Its been an interesting Tour so far and of course the Aussie interest keeps us excited, but unfortunately the guys from downunder have been afflicted with a bit of bad luck.
Having said that, I think anyone that can finish the Tour is a Legend.

Watching Le Tour on telly and down they come.

And finally a win to Astana's Vino

This was followed by Sue's fave at the moment, Master Chef. Its getting very exciting in the final week - Master Chef that is, Le Tour has two more weeks.

The judges from Master Chef including Iron Chef from Japan - Can't spell his name.

Not many photos this weekend, been toooo busy.


  1. Sorry about the Australian riders, there have been so many falls this year:-( Who is going to win? I would like it to be Schleck but I think it could be Contador again.

    We are also waiting for retirement, well Nigel is any way! We though he would be able to retire at 60 just after we bought the house here, but the financial situation has now made it look like it will be 65. Very hard on him as I am away so much.

  2. Retirement sounds Great! Not yet though for me. I would think a spaniard might win the tour de France. (I have not seen it on TV at all. Sorry!)

  3. I highly recommend retirement. But I warn you: it's 24/7.

    Coming out of winter already? Isn't it a bit early for that? We still have two months of summer to go up here.

  4. As I look out the study window it doesn't look too wintery but I'm sure it will be around single figures most of the morning. A sure sign of winter slowing down is the garden bed bulbs are sprouting.
    Our winters are rather mild being close to the coast.
    As for Le Tour, I awoke at 12.30 am to see the last 60k and see Contador take on the yellow jersey due to Schleck's mechanical mishap.

  5. I could have cried for Andy Schleck, that was a terrible thing to have happened. Being beaten because you have not the skill, or the strength is one thing, but a chain coming off is another!! I thought that in that sort of position Contador should have waited. Is that not the normal thing to do? Diane

  6. If Contador and Schleck were leading - Yes, but there were other riders in front and to wait would have allowed those in front, to take more time. Andy's mishap was a fault of poor gear change on his part.
    It is afterall, a race and sometimes you need to take advantage where you can.
    Andy is young and a talent of the future - he will have his day as he matures.


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