Sunday, July 25, 2010

Listening, Reading, Watching.

I caught up with my 89 year young father on Saturday morning. He’s a real cycling tragic, having raced in the pre-war years and still pedaling to this day. I hope I can do the same. Jack (my dad) and I have a tradition of sharing a Guinness together after my Saturday morning track training session. Ahhhh, it tastes so good.

Guinness - breakfast of champions

Jack introduced me to Stout as a 16 year old and I’ve enjoyed it ever since, especially with HIM.
Being a quiet weekend, well more than usual that is, I thought I might offer an insight to what I am reading, listening and watching this lately.
Recently I discovered Did I hear you say, “Where have you been lately”? OK, I’m a bit slow.
From previous blogs you might have realized that we have a substantial music collection. After discovering Amazon, I think it may grow larger in a very short time.

Christine McVie, Maria Muldaur and Cyndi Lauper - what can I say - I like chick singers.

Back in the 70s I heard this unbelievable song, Midnight at the Oasis by Maria Muldaur. I bought the album but as time went by, it was misplaced. The CD, 30 years of Maria Muldaur is a great collection of songs from her long career and if you look on YouTube, you can find an interview of a very interesting narrative of her early years.
Would you believe that I only discovered Cyndi Lauper in recent years? I had no idea how talented this woman was when she was popular. The CD I bought was Cyndi singing the Blues – I think she could even sing opera.
There seems to be a trend here because the third CD was another female singer, Christine McVie. She (as Christine Perfect) originally sang in the English blues band, Chicken Shack before moving on to Fleetwood Mac. Such a smooth, easy listening voice she has.
So I chucked these Cd's along with a few others in the 6 stacker to help pass the travelling time to the office.
Do you have books, magazines and newspapers beside your bed. I even have junk mail - how pathetic.
At the moment, I have two books that I’m trying to get through. I started a biography on the Finn brothers. Tim and Neil are Kiwis, that is New Zealanders if you hadn't guessed. They became household names in the music industry as Split Enz and Crowded House. Both have recorded Cd's as individuals as well as together as brothers. I was only into the first chapter when a good friend of ours, Lisa found a book in an op-shop that she thought I might like.

Cycling and Music - what more can one ask for on the weekends. Oh yes, food and wine!!

It’s called “French Revolutions – cycling the Tour de France”. I’m afraid that the Finn Brothers have been put on hold while I’m in TdF fever at this time. It’s about this nerdy guy who decides that he’s going to ride the TdF course without the training or experience it requires – tell you more as both he and I progress through the book.

Well, what can I say, Le Tour of course. The poor old Aussies have had a bad run this year. Never mind, there are more waiting in the wings to get an opportunity to ride in the future. With tonight’s stage in Paris, I expect Alberto to be standing on the highest step of the podium and congrats to him. He’s a true champion with three wins now – and more to come I expect.
With the Master Chef Australia final on tonight, Sue won’t let me watch a new DVD that my son Andrew purchased for us.
A fellow blogger, Walt (he lives in rural France) suggested we should watch “Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud”. Walt, if you’re reading this, I’ll give a critique later.

Thanks for the recommendation WCS

Sue was a little surprised as it was delivered in a plain brown package and she wondered what my son had ordered!!!!!!!!
Master Chef has absorbed our household for longer than I can remember – its Sue’s obsession. Tonight it is the finale of Master Chef and the Tour de France. With a 5.30 am get-up, I’ll check out the TdF results in the morning.

Adam takes out Australia's Master Chef with Callum a creditable second place.

To congratulate Adam and Callum were some of Australia's most famous chefs and cooks who were mentors over the series of one of the highest rating programs this year.
Australia is about to have its Federal government elections next month and the "Great Debate" between the two leading parties was rescheduled so it wouldn't clash with Master Chef.
Hope your weekend was full of interesting experiences.


  1. Cheers, that Guinness looks good:)

    The French Revolutions sound interesting, must look into that. Diane

  2. I love Tim Finn and his brother's band "Crowded house". Don't hear them too often on the radio but they are on my ipod.
    Leon, isn't it cheaper to get an ipod and buy your music from itunes? (Sorry I forgot to sign in again)

  3. Diane,
    So far its good reading - a bit "Bill Bryson" in its humour.
    I also enjoyed the Tommy Simpson "put me back on the Bike" book.

    As for iTunes, I'm very materialistic and a bit of a Bower bird in that I like collect things as much as listen.
    Must try the iTunes thing though.
    Thanks for the tip.


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