Sunday, July 04, 2010

An interesting weekend started with taking my Boss, the MD of Australian Clothing Company to the indoor Velodrome for his first ever experience of riding 45 degree banked bends. Initially starting on the flat sections, by the end of the day he was riding at the very top of the banking with confidence.
I was most impressed.

Then it was home to do my house duties before guests arrived for dinner - you know, the usual vaccum, dunny diving , etc.


My brother in law always brings something special in wine when they come for dinner, maybe that's why I like inviting them. I found the following review on the Internet of his selection for tonights meal.
The world aclaimed wine expert Robert Parker has reviewed all four varietals from Lost Valley and each wine has received excellent reviews.
Not only is the average score across all 4 varietal 90, but the very complimentary language also stands the wines in good stead. Needless to say a 90 average score – for all varietals from the vineyard - from the Parker stable is no small feat!
Top wine distributors in the USA point out - “we can probably count, on one hand, the number of Aussie wineries with a 90 point Parker average score, this is incredible. Lost Valley Winery has truly come of age as one of Australia’s top boutique wineries”. Chris Daniele/Wine Trade Trust.

While Leon was out doing his thing on Saturday morning, I met up with my brother and sister-in-law and we went out for breakfast. They were coming over for dinner that night (yes, we are a close family, cos they're a lot of fun) and we decided that I would cook a gutsy paella that night.
The pics show the progress. A chorizo powered sauce with saffron and tomatoes with smokey paprika and some other bits and pieces.
When the Casperella rice was nearly cooked, chucked in some mussels, prawns, squid and par-cooked chicken. The smell was wonderful. Ten more minutes then popped some unpeeled prawns on top, sprinkled with parsley, added lemon wedges and to the table. It was good.
Sis-in-law had made an absolutely luscious lemon ice cream to follow.
After that we had the chocolate pudding I had cooked. Made with 70 per cent cocoa butter choc and cooked to be crusty on the outside with a hot molten chocolate interior. Not being a chocolate liker I passed on that. The lemon ice cream was more my style. The others liked it though.Yummy!


Rising at 6.30 am was not easy after last night's good night but I did and I cranked up the computer to see who one won the Tour de France prologue. It was the big Swiss guy Cancellara in his world championship colours. I think he may hold on to the Malliot Jaune until it gets a little hilly, especially with the cobbles beforehand.
I think there will be a little less sleep while the time zones are out of kilter with the TdF.


  1. I have never cycled in a velodrome, I just cannot imagine cycling at that angle!!

    Timing for the TDF is just pefect for us to watch live - we are in the right area:))) Sorry.

    Paella is one of my favourites and I cook it quite often. Not sure which made my mouth water most, the paella or the wine!

  2. Leon, Nothing to do with today's delicious post ...
    I've just watched the arrival of today's lap in the Tour de France in Brussels ... and was completely flabbergasted by Robbie McEwan's excellent knowledge of Flemish. What are you waiting for? !! :)) Martine

  3. You guys have the most gorgeous shellfish. (Your boss is very cute)

  4. Diane,
    Riding a velodrome is my heaven, hills are my hell.
    A few of my cycling friends will join me at 10.30pm to 2.00 am to ride in the garage on our ergo bikes while watching the weekend stage. Sustenance will be pizza and red wine. This time zone difference his difficult on our sleep pattens.
    I will look forward to your future recipes.
    Robbie is a great guy, he's so good with young kids with giving his autograph and takes time for a chat. As a young kid he was a BMX rider hence his extraordinary skills in the bunch. I caught up with him earlier this year at the tour down under. His Flemish is so good as he lives in Belgium with his wife and family most of the year.
    My Boss said he would like to visit you seeing that you think he looks cute - His is actually and a great bloke to work with.


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