Friday, July 23, 2010


To say we have a very diverse circle of friends is an understatement. Meeting people and experiencing their interests and talents adds to one's own enjoyment.
One couple that have a rather offbeat creative streak is Denise and Darren. This creative streak seems to have broadsided to their son Jules.
Last night Darren invited us to watch the last mountain stage of the Tour de France, sure that sound fine but the direct telecast didn't finish until 1.45 am and I'm sitting here with very droopy eyes.

On arrival at their home, against the wall were panels that had been painted by Jule. Denise and Darren told me that the panels had hung on the walls of the school for a couple of years. Being so large, only some were available to photograph.

I'm not really sure about the story behind the panels, but I just love the colors and technique.


  1. Unusual, but there is just something about them that is eye catching:-) Diane


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