Friday, July 09, 2010

Funky Friday

Sitting at my desk at work, I look out the great expanse of glass and there is not one cloud in the sky - this is a good omen for a great weekend. Where I work is very close to Melbourne airport and I see the domestic and international flights coming in to land - it makes one envious of the travellers on flights to elsewhere.

Never mind, we have a weekend to enjoy. That means that I can sit through a whole direct telecast stage of the Tour de France and not think about getting up for work in the morning.

This Funky Friday features cats and dogs. For years I've passed by a very big brown dog, but noticed it until last Saturday as I stopped at railway gates for a train passing by. I just had to have a closer look. I guess you could call it "the Trojan Dog". Its made from iron sheet and wood.

The cat is some graffiti I came across in my travels around Melbourne and have been looking for an excuse to blog it.

Camille, a singer from France is a favorite of mine and she does a song on her most recent CD called, "Cats & Dogs" telling why they just pretend to be friends. Have a listen on youtube.

As we say in OZ, havagoodweekend.


  1. Meanwhile Cadel Evans is still hanging in there. Diane

  2. Congratulations on the yellow jersey. Sunday 11 July. Diane

  3. Good news for Australians but the yellow jersey is a heavy burden so early in the Tour. Let's hope for continued good luck for Cadel.


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