Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Modern Classic

We've always liked pre-loved furniture, weather that was a preference or just more suitable to our budget is a subject for discussion. Moving into our new life it seems our tastes are changing. After 30 plus years of maintaining a period home - I must have painted the timber Californian Bungalow period home 3 times on the outside......The interior saw many changes and renovations. In fact it got to the stage that I was renovating the renovations.

With the sale of the Cal Bung, we are now in the stage where we can treat ourselves a little in retirement. The new house is now coming down the home straight to the finishing line although we are still anxious to see if the builder meets our need for a pre-Christmas move-in.

If you have been following our saga, you would agree that our new home is designed for modern living and so we find ourselves moving towards a new style of decoration and furnishings.
Last Sunday we needed to be in Melbourne and so decided to look at a modular suite for the family area. We initially saw it in a magazine we regularly buy called Country Style.

We needed the versatility of a modular suite so that we could rearrange furniture to suit our various needs as a new home will become a party house. Since moving to the country, we have a constant stream of visitors. The suite can be converted from a full size one piece L-shaped couch to two 2-seaters. If we have more than two couples stay in the 2 guest rooms, we can convert the suite to a double bed or even two single beds...
It will be covered in mid-grey fabric rather than the leather shown below.

 But then as Sue walked around the showroom, she discovered a chair she just fell in love with. Once she sat in it, put her feet up, she decided it just had to be part of our family room as well. The fabric will be in a teal colour and I hear her planning to have some teal cautions or maybe a teal throw-over for the long suite to pull the two pieces together. How exciting?

We may have some more news on the house later in the week as the inside painting and tiling is coming to a close. We do have a few problems to sort out with the builder however it was always expected that the occasional stuff-up would happen somewhere - more on that subject later.


  1. I think you should order two of the "comfy chairs". Regards J.

    1. Janine - it was Sue's special chair - I mention your comment to her as she may just order another one. Shhhhh

  2. Visitors who sleep overnight certainly need comfort and privacy, but you are not running a hotel with permanent beds. Thus your modular suites are brilliant - flexible and smart.

    1. Usually just family Joseph - not that it will get much use as we have another 2 bedrooms for guests.


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