Monday, October 10, 2016


Only late last week we took a drive to another waterfall in our area. There are three that we aware of. Trentham Falls near our future home town is running well with the Coliban River flowing over the falls.

Another river, the Campaspe runs through Kyneton where we currently live. The Campaspe River runs from the Central Highlands and meanders all the way to Lake Eppalock where it meets the Coliban River then flows on to the great Murray River. With the historic rainfalls this winter, the Campaspe has widened its banks and is flowing very quickly. This creates some stunning scenery, especially as it reaches Turpin Falls.
These falls are nowhere near the height of Trentham Falls which are the highest in Victoria. Nevertheless they are stunning with the amount of water that is currently flowing over them.

I'm told that the falls are very popular with rowers being brave enough to take a leap of faith.
Looking down on the falls
Once over the falls, the Campaspe River runs to the next catchment area of Lake Eppalock. 


  1. Safer to stay on the side and barbecue than go swimming it seems! Take care D & N xx


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