Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sunkist Abbey

On Wednesdays I meet my fellow cyclists at 9.00 am in the town 15kms down the road from where we currently live in Kyneton. We are fortunate that we are now emerging from one of the coldest and wet winter seasons for some time. The morning sun does the heart good but the mornings are still crisp. As I arrived at our usual Wednesday meeting point, I stopped to take this photo opportunity on my iPhone. 

About 14 of us enjoyed a 95 km ride with two coffee stops along the way.


  1. Great photo, but you are too energetic for me!!! Have a good weekend Diane

    1. 95 km ride?? I am exhausted, just thinking of it !

      Leon, where is the abbey?

    2. A church really - in Woodend Hels.

    3. I was a bit tired when I arrived home Diane but a pot of guinness revived me.


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