Friday, October 14, 2016

SPRING is HERE plus other STUFF

Its been a long cold winter here in the central highlands of Victoria. We've had much needed rain and the Reservoirs are now overflowing. Snow even arrived in Trentham this year so it would be nice to see snow when we are living there next winter. Although we are thinking of a trip to the north next year, maybe Belgium, France and Spain. We'll see what happens.

The long cold winter is now behind us and the trees are starting to bud. Wild flowers are abound in the fields which have all turned to a rich green contrasted by the yellow of wattle and those little daisy things in the fields. We call them paddocks here.

We had a meeting with our supervisor Clinton yesterday. He's a good bloke to work with and being a newish employee, he's doing his best to get the job done for us to move in before Christmas.
The painters, the electricians, the plumbers are all on the site and working to meet our deadline.

We were very impressed with our painters, especially after completing our feature lounge room. This room is the only area that differs in colour from the rest of the interior colours. Sue wanted a restful area, and very formal. Being a dark grey, it will be lightened by our light grey two-seater couches and then splashes of colour with accessories. When you look out from the lounge room into the kitchen, you see the kitchen island in the same grey.

The tilers are still working away and the herringbone style dark grey tiles in the en-suite and its looking good. Can't wait to see the basins and taps installed. We will eventually be able to brush our teeth in unison. How lovely. You'll be happy to hear that we don't have dual toilets!!!

Somewhere to chuck ya shampoo in the shower.
 I'm working on a plan for our landscaping. I'm sure it will change many times before we actually start. Its a good thing that our son Mitch is not only a gardener but increasing his talents by doing a horticultural course. There are several established trees already on the block - some conifers, elms and maples. We have a need for an addition car area in the form of a carport. Sue needs a veggie garden and we want some little gravel paths leading to secret gardens. I guess it will all come together with the passing of time.

I think my Petanque court may just have to make way for Sue's veggie garden.
This weekend we are off to our local market in Trentham, then meeting up with friends for lunch. My fellow Citroen friend is having a Solex day and we are invited. A Solex is a French motor assisted bicycle and he expects a gathering of a dozen enthusiasts on the day. Sunday the enthusiasts of French automobiles are having their All French Day gathering so I may just call in for a look as we will be in Melbourne. Gosh, retirement life is busy......


  1. I love the drawing of the floor plan...

    1. I think there will be many revised drawings to come for the garden area Krishna.

  2. All looking good and I love the wild flowers. Looks like spring is in the air and time to move South! Wish it was that easy, instead we have Christmas in the UK with FIL. Diane

    1. Diane, we all need to endure the various seasons - all of which have special moments, just ask Vivaldi.....I've been told by the locals that Trentham has actually had freak snow on Christmas day.


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