Saturday, October 01, 2016


It never ceases to amaze us when driving on unfamiliar roads within the region that there are these wonderful surprises. Only 30 minutes from home is Mount Alexander. Previously we'd been to Mount Macedon in the other direction towards Melbourne but this is a township where Mount Alexander is purely a reserve.

Mount Macedon has rich soils and is very much known for the beautiful private gardens which are open to the public once a year. Mount Alexander on the other hand has a beauty quite different from Mount Macedon. It is rugged bushland and covered in granite outcrops and the most magnificent boulders, very similar to Hanging Rock.
It is located between our current town of Kyneton and Bendigo and is only a slight diversion from the freeway.

The day was wet so we didn't leave the car - the photos are from my iPhone 
Before it's discovery by European explorer Major Mitchell in 1836, the local indigenous tribe, the Jaara Jaara people used it as a sacred ceremonial site and as a lookout. We arrived at the very top in the car and had a clear view for as far as the eye could see. The drive to the top took us by mobs of grazing kangaroos and towards the very top amongst the granite boulders we came across wallabies.

Over the the early years, the rock was quarried and used for buildings in the district and in Melbourne. Today it is purely a recreational reserve for abseiling and bushwalkers.
I'm sure we will return to take further photographic opportunities very soon.

We'll return on a more friendly day and post more soon of Mount Alexander.


  1. We are also in a region which has changing landscapes all within a 30 minute drive, and then there are the Pyrenees mountains 50 minutes away. Discovering your new region must bring you much happiness, as ours does to us.

    1. Brings us delights as it does you. Sometimes discovering new sights makes you more aware of your old surroundings, especially if you have been away for awhile.

  2. We are loving seeing your country around you, all so much more interesting than the concrete jungle. Another reason we decided to liver where we are :-) Have a great week D & N xx

  3. More to come D & N. Enjoying your travel snippets as well.


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