Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Deck Saga

It was only last Monday morning I ordered the timber decking which arrived the same day. These photos are from New Year's Day 2015 - where did 2014 go?
By the way, Happy New Year to those that occasionally drop in to see what's happening with "Melbourne our Home by the Bay." It may not be our home by this time this year. Things are being put in to place for my 65th year. I could say our 65th year but Sue is still only 62.

So far the house preparation for sale has included;

  • Painting the bedroom and re-carpeted
  • Painting the hallway
  • Having the family room, kitchen and laundry painted - not happy with the so called professionals.
  • Painting the study
  • Full revamp of bathroom
  • Two other bedrooms painted but they belong to the boys and probably need repainting when they move out - if ever!!!!
  • And now the rebuilding of the outdoor rear deck.

Australians enjoy entertaining outdoors during our spring, summer and autumn and we are no exception to that. There's nothing better than enjoying friendships over a glass or three, BBQ meat and salads on the backyard deck.
A backyard deck opens up living space - adds an outdoor room. Ours was built 15 years ago in preparation of my 50th birthday bash. After 15 years, it was suffering from the ravages of time - a bit like myself.

Anyway I'm now on the home straight with the deck nearing completion. Just to make sure I keep up the momentum, Sue has invited family and friends for this coming Sunday evening so I'm under pressure to finish.
I think I might just make it in time. Not too bad for a common office boy, is it?


  1. Happy New Year and congratulations on a job well done!

  2. Hope 2015 brings you a happy and healthy year Martine.

  3. Bonne Année Léon and Sue.

    Sorry we didn't get to meet when you called in November, but we send you and your family our very best wishes for your renovations but more importantly for good health and happiness in 2015 to you both. and to your family.

    1. Thank you Gaynor and we too are sorry to have missed you but your "Bloke" looked after us. Maybe next time. You live in a very nice area of France.

  4. I love summer life outside on the rear sun deck - icy white wine, casual meals, a quick dip in the pool. But I love big flower tubs on the deck, bringing the back garden to the very edge of the house. Rock on 2015!

    1. Strangely enough Hels, Sue and I were discussing this same subject tonight - give us a few weeks and I think those flower tubs may just reappear.


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