Sunday, January 04, 2015

Polished Floor Boards

Today I could not continue working on the outdoor deck due to the extreme heat. It reached high 30s or possibly 40 degrees. It was just too hot to be sawing, drilling and nailing. The inside of our house is air-conditioned so it was much more comfortable to work in.
So I started on our other project. Our home was built in 1929 and has these lovely honey colored Baltic floorboards. Rather than relaying new carpet, we will have these beautiful rustic boards sanded and polished.

Our Californian Bungalow was a State Bank home built in 1929.
Back then I expect rather than carpet the floor, the sides were painted or stained with carpet runners on the walk areas.
In the early years after acquiring our home of 30 years plus, I did the kitchen floorboards however after a few years, we renovated and the floor was tiled. Baltic Pine is a soft timber and utility areas do not stand up to it very well.
Notice where the carpet runner leads to a blank wall -  we blocked off the wall to add an en suite to our bedroom.
Previous to renovation it lead to the bathroom and the second bedroom.
It wasn't fashionable to have polished floor boards back in 1929 I guess but now it is. The wood  is Baltic Pine and has a rich honey colour after sanding and varnishing.
It does however have a wow factor as you open the front door and those rich honey colours hit you. So with the decking almost drawing to completion, the restoration of the floorboards are next on the list. Sounds simple doesn't it!!!!

Firstly you pull up the carpet, then the underlay. After that you pull out the staples, nails and then start punching down the nails, filling the indentations in the timber before the sanding and finishing the boards in a rich varnish.
I may be busy for some time to come. There's still our lounge and dining rooms to have the same treatment. Never mind, I have this great supervisor looking over my shoulder to keep me on track.


  1. Those floors will be worth all the trouble to get them up to scratch, Leon, and I love your doors!

    1. Yes Vera - much work to be done but little compared to what you have done. Ours is a mere spruce-up in comparison.


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