Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mirboo North and a Bloke called Colin

Last Saturday we were invited to visit a friend's brother who has started a motoring museum in Mirboo North. More about the later in the week but first you might ask, where and what is Mirboo North. In all of my 64 years, I cant say that I've been there but I've travelled much of Victoria through my work and my sport of cycling. Mirboo North is in the depths of south Gippsland's hill country with rolling terrain and rain forests.

Mirboo North is 155 kms from the Melbourne CBD but about 130kms from our home. It was a timber cutting village back in the 1870s but today it is more of a holiday home and tourist destination with a population of under 3000. There several hobby farms and boutique farming industries growing out of the district. It even has its own small beer brewing business.

We decided to have lunch at the In-Line cafe which attracts heaps of motorcyclists of the more mature age trying very hard to grow-up disgracefully and spending their kid's inheritance on expensive motorcycle exotica. Yes they were noisy but in a nice way. They were enjoying each other's company.

Like a lot of heritage towns, murals of the town's past add colour to the atmosphere. There were many more that I missed but the day was moving along and we had this VIP tour of the motor museum by its creator Colin.

Colin is a jaguar man with many other interests in motoring as these photos prove. The Jaguars will come in a following post with quite a unique story behind an aquisition that Colin lucked apon within walking distance from his home.

There was so much more in Colin's huge sheds but we'll leave that for another day.

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