Thursday, January 22, 2015

Colin is a Jaguar Man among other things

Colin is yet to open his museum and we were excited to see his collection prior to it's opening to the general public soon. Being a classic car enthusiast myself, he and I had lots to talk about and we even found that we had mutual friends without knowing each other previously. Such is the world of classic cars!

Col's passion these days is for Jaguars. I've never seen such a collection of parts. His restorations are selective and I will eventually look forward to his current project being completed - a Mk4 Jaguar Drophead.
Colin tells us that cars and parts find him rather than him chasing them. The photos of his parts collection below came from a deceased estate of another Jaguar enthusiast within a kilometre of Colin's home in Mirboo North. Another barn is full of English electrical new old stock that was purchased from an old country British car dealer that was closing.

Not all the cars in Colin's huge barn are his. Other collectors store their cars here and it becomes a revolving collection. This Bentley was a superb restoration and quite frankly I would be dubious about driving out their with the general motoring public for fear of any little mark or scratch spoiling its pristine condition.

From Jaguars to Corvettes - this American classic is so over the top, it actually appealed to me. I'm not an American car enthusiast and yet their flashiness somehow appeals to me these days. Ugliness can transform into beauty in time I guess.

And so the end of the day finished much later than expected after experiencing Colin's passion for automobile history and the collection he has acquired over many years. The presentation of the huge barn with the cars, display cabinets, wall displays does him proud.


  1. What a great collection. We saw a beautifully restored Bentley parked outside the hardware shop while we were in the UK. I would also have been scared to drive it in town. Some people have no regard of scratches and opening doors! Keep well and have a good weekend Diane

    1. Diane - yes, I dread parking at super markets with wobbley wheel shopping trollies and opening car door even with our every day car.


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