Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday

It must have been late 1970s when my daughter Carly and I jumped into one of those railway station booths where they take your money then take your photos - if you're lucky. We were lucky.
Carly is now 40 years old and still as cute as she was back then.
As for me!!!!
My glasses are thicker and my hair is thinner.
Do I hear laughter in the distance?

The photo is not fuzzy - its my eyes.


  1. Great that your cheap and cheerful railway booth photos from the 1970s have created perfect long term memories for the family. I wish that I had taken more spontaneous photos from decades ago.. and that I had kept them.

    1. Maybe today's photos are not the same keepsakes as they were back then Hels

  2. Those glasses were all the rage.......back then !!

    1. Jean, don't tell anyone but I have prescription sunglasses in similar frames. Am I trendy?


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