Sunday, August 24, 2014

Local Past Scenes of our Home on the Bay

Black Rock is a bayside suburb just down the road from home and several mornings every week I pass through Black Rock on a morning training ride. Down Balcombe Road and pass the clock tower and down Beach Road. Just a lovely piece of scenery, no matter what time of day.

The clock tower still stands as a landmark.

One of Black Rock's historic homes still stands as well.

The trams from Sandringham to Black Rock have long gone and many of the more recent residents would have no knowledge of its existence.

Our Bayside Beaches are part of the charm of Melbourne

The jetty is no longer - the ship is now a marine sanctury for  sealife.
Here's a You Tube I found of the now defunct tramway that began at Sandringham station to Black Rock.


  1. It always seem such a shame that historic places get removed and modern buildings replace them. It is good that some of you history still remains.

    Not long now and you will be on your way :-) We are off to Paris for a few days in September, looking forward to the trip and it will be a novelty for us as we will be going by train instead of car. Keep well the two of you and take care D & N

    1. D & N - enjoy your trip to Paris and hopefully we'll hear of it on your blog.


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