Sunday, August 03, 2014

Depths of Winter

OK - I know Melbourne is not Canada in winter, not even the UK. December in Melbourne is a Christmas dinner of lobster and prawns. But geeeeez its been bloody cold to ride my bike these winter mornings. I do have to say though that the Bay has been simply gorgeous like a still water pond after our recent windy weather.

This morning was 1 degree - our new possible home (Launceston) was minus 2, so I decided to work on the weekend to spend some quality time on the interior renos - painting our hallway. Gone are the heritage darker colours and bring in the new brighter ones - make it look bigger with bland colours. Whites!!!!

Already the new paint scheme is starting to open up the area with the appearance of more space.

The carpet currently makes a good drop-sheet but under the carpet lies these rich Baltic pine floorboards that will be sanded and polished.
This is just the undercoat stagers - you can't imagine the hard prep work of sanding, stripping wallpaper and clean-up afterwards.
I had some left over paint so I thought a bit of frivolity wouldn't go astray - there's always next weekend to finish it off.

This is what we did with our bedroom early this year - you may notice that our cat, Gem likes to sit on Sue's derriere while sue plays silly games on her iPad.
And here's a close up in case you don't believe me.
But now even she is becoming bored with Sue's iPad games and she now wanders to the kitchen to see what delights that may behold her food bowl.
 So that was our weekend - uneventful really but now it is only 8 weeks before our 10 weeks in Italy and France. I'd better get on with the painting.

Have a good week all.

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