Sunday, August 17, 2014

No - not a Sunday Roast

During our childhood days, the Sunday roast was traditional in Australia - but things change with the influx of other nationalities to Australia. On a trip to France not that long ago, we went to the food chain of Leon's of Brussells. I even bought some Belgium beer for the meal tonight.  Moules Frites!

2.5 kg of mussels for under $10 - bargain. Plus they come from our bay about 10 kms away.I brought them home and put them in water to soak and they smelled like the beach.
Lots of shallots and Australian garlic.

When they opened, I added a good sploosh of cream and lots  of chopped parsley.
A cone full of pommes frites, Belgian beer, crusty bread and Bob's your uncle.
All good.


  1. Hold on we are coming over to join you :-)) Hope that all is well D & N

  2. Even if I ate meat (which I don't), I would still argue that eating traditional British Sunday roasts was inappropriate for Australia's lifestyle and climate. It would be like eating heavy, stodgy meals for Christmas lunch, instead of salads, sea food and fruits.

    Your meal looks light and fresh!

  3. When my son was young, we would eat at different ethnic restaurants and show him where the country was on a map. This meal reminded me of this and how delightful and light this simple meal really is.

  4. Yum! Nothing much beats a good moules & frites! :-)


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