Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Continuing Saga of the Bathroom

Bit of a crazy weekend really. I did get two morning rides in but the mid-morning and afternoons were back to the bathroom renovation. Time for Sue was in the kitchen with guests arriving at 7.00 pm Saturday night for dinner. I said to Sue, "Let's order in Pizza". But no, that's not her way. I'll ask her to tell you about the dinner.

Saturday was the day to start grouting the tiles and filling some gaps in the walls. I've never added plaster board to walls before but it seemed to go OK - proof will be in the final touches when it comes to painting. As for grouting, I've done a heap before in the family room and hallway leading to the bathroom. It's meticulous and time consuming and my body aches from being on my knees constantly.
I'm pleased with the results to this point. I've cut tiles in half as a skirt which I will then attach to the walls once the vanity and bath have been fitted by the plumber. One thing I'm a bit apprehensive about is wall tiling. We will be tiling the walls with 600 mm x 300 mm stark white tiles to match the white of the accessories. I'm hoping we can get this all ready for the Plumber after next weekend which is by the way, Sue's birthday. It was this time last year we celebrated her Birthday in Paris. Not so lucky this year.

I'm using a grout called charred ash - it's like a charcoal colour.
With the tiles on the diagonal, it gives a Mediterranean look don't you think?
It's a slow process of grouting, squeegeeing and wiping off the residue.
The charred ash grout contrasts well against the terracotta of the tiles.
I brought the toilet bowl and the vanity in for the plumber to fit.
The bath will also be put into place but there's further work to be done beforehand.
This is a caramelised beetroot and goats cheese tart with a salad of rocket and toasted walnuts on top. Served on a puff pastry round. The salad is dressed with white balsamic and walnut oil.  It was very nice. An interesting way to cook the beetroot, in that you cut it into batons while it's raw, then it's cooked briefly in acidulated water. Then you cook it in a little oil with a cinnamon quill, some balsamic and brown sugar and reduce it until it's syrupy. I will definitely make this again.
This is a Bill Granger recipe. Very easy, pretty quick and delicious. It's called Coq au Vin, and while it uses many of the same ingredients, it is definitely not traditional. Herbed baby chats, big green salad and crusty bread. Perfect autumn food.
Also, the leftovers, which was mostly sauce and potatoes, with just a little chicken, made a great lunch for Leon and I today.
Tried a dessert I hadn't attempted before. It was very rich, but I knew I had some chocolate lovers  coming. It was a chocolate tart that I made with 70% cocoa butter chocolate and it had Pedro Ximenez sherry in it. On top were raisins which had been marinated in a a mix with more sherry. Then the raisins were cooked until they became syrupy. The raisins were popped on the tart, and the syrup was whisked into some cream to serve with the chocolate tart. Yummo!
Leon, of course always has 50/50 tart and cream!


  1. It's looking good - the grout colour is a good choice. The meal, as always, looks delicious. If Sue ever wants a paid holiday there's a nice kitchen in bonnie Scotland waiting for her.

  2. My mouth is watering..... The tiles look good. In case I forget next week, Happy Birthday Sue from both of us. xx

  3. Oh dear. My tummy is now rumbling with hunger after having seen those photos! Been a long time since lunch, and I was hungry before I read your blog, now I am starving! Must try that beetroot, and that chocolate thingy, all I can say is 'yummy'!
    Tiles look good too. Off to get a sandwich!

  4. Good job Leon for the bathroom and Sue for the lovely dinner! You are busy, probably getting your house ready for when you retire? Just in case I forget, I will also wish a happy birthday to Sue!


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