Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last Coffee in Paris

Last coffee in Paris brings us to the end of our Wednesday's in France for the time being. We've covered our 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010 trips. Our 2012 trip is not yet 12 months ago, well almost as it was Sue's 60th birthday trip last May, so I guess you followed that already.

We are saving frantically for a trip in 2014 that takes us back to France and the Loire - Sue's spiritual home. It will also take in Italy so I can ride my bike on the Strada Bianca of Toscana.
So what will happen to Wednesday's in France? One of our readers, Diane suggested that we post a picture of France from our collection every Wednesday, now that seems like a good idea.

It happens doesn't it - you leave for home and you have all this loose change that has no purpose or use back in Australia. So what do you do? You buy a coffee, your last in Paris before going to CDG airport and contemplate those great memories - experiences that live forever. The places you've seen - the people you've met (and re-met).
How fortunate are we. Thanks to those who have popped in to read of our travels through France.


  1. The photo just screams Paris! I hope that you both (and Jack of course) are well.

    1. We'll do more of single photos of France on Wednesdays from now on but maybe do some more on Melbourne as well. Good to see you back as well. It's a blogging good world.

  2. I notice that you both had the sugar in your coffee.
    Me too, I love espresso but can't yet manage it without sugar.
    Great photo.

  3. Sorry I am not keeping up very well, so much on at the moment! We are hooked on cappuccino with chocolate at the moment. For two people who generally never drink coffee we seem to get through an awful lot of it! Diane


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