Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ancanthus in the Languedoc

We have run out of Wednesday's in France travelogues. Our five trips to France since 2006 have caught up with us - what to do now. Our Blogger friend Diane suggested that we use a single photo that we may or may not have used before each Wednesday. We'll take her advice and tell you a story - relate a memory around that one picture. Hope you can still join us. It's another 16 months before we return to Sue's spiritual home.
Ancanthus in the Languedoc
Back in 2006, we took our first trip to France. It was our once in a lifetime holiday - that's what we thought at the time. We flew into Charles de Gaulle and stayed a couple of nights in Paris before taking the TGV to Avignon and doing an overnight stay at Arles in the south of France in the region of Languedoc. We'd booked a one week stay in Saint Chinian - Why? Sue's sister and brother-inlaw stayed there and spoke of it in glowing terms. We've since discovered it could be in many places of France that you would speak in glowing terms. We must say though that Saint Chinian still holds some special memories and we have been back.

The picture below is of the villa we stayed at. It was once the personal home of Andreas and Anthony who have a rental business in the Languedoc and if we return again, we would always ask their advice.
That little balcony you see gave us some very pleasurable nights after dinner, usually spent with a glass of wine and some music wafting from the sitting room.

Saint Chinian sits in the middle of the Languedoc wine producing district. It's had vineyards since ancient times of Roman occupation - since the first Roman road through Gaul to Spain - the Via Domitia.
While writing this I had a flash of nostalgia and googled the area and Andreas and Anthony's website appeared. If we arrived at the villa today and stayed for a week, it would cost us 240 euro.

She says;
Leon always asks me to review before he posts, and usually i'll just enjoy and say yes... but gosh, I loved this house! The guys who owned it lived there for a while, and their taste was impeccable. We adored our stay here, both with the house and the area, and would encourage anyone wanting to rent in this area to contact these guys!
Maybe next year...



  1. Photo reminds me a little of a house we rented one summer in the Pays de l'Herault. We had an excellent 2 weeks :-)

    1. A&N Did you enjoy the area and have you returned? It has a special memory for us and now we have been there three times.


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