Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ladybird in Melbourne

For a blogger friend of ours in Brussels. Martine (LadyBird) - were you in Melbourne this week?
 Bet you wish you had this number plate.

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  1. LOL! So you caught her skiving off work! ;-)

  2. Lovely photo, Leon and Sue!!! Thanks for having such a keen eye. And I admit ... it was me! :)) But then, I did have the week off, didn't I? The next time, I promise, I'll come and see you; carrying a bottle of French Champagne. I know I can count on you Sue to cook a good meal to celebrate the occasion?! ;) Martine a.k.a ladybird x

  3. That Martine......anyone would think that butter wouldn't melt and all the time she was on the other side of the world !!

  4. That is a great number plate :-)Bet Martine would love that number over here. Diane

  5. That good store memories of travel..!! I like it so much for sharing a cute snap of high speed motor!

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