Monday, April 01, 2013

Figs and a Bathroom Demolition

An obtuse, strange and maybe just a little weird heading for this post - that's our life in Melbourne. 
So what do figs and a bathroom demolition have to do with each other - absolutely nothing.............

We never know what will eventuate on our weekends and of course the Easter break makes it a double  weekend. We decided with thoughts of impending retirement that we better get the house in order for a possible future sale. The "other bathroom", that's the one the boys used for the last 20 years needed a face lift. It was the time to start so what happens? I got to work with the demolition and what does Sue do - she cooks. She has this fig thing happening. Figs as a savory, figs as a desert but I'll let her tell you more as I need to get back to the Bathroom reno.

I guess it's because they are so fragile, but figs here are very expensive in the shops. About $3.50 for 2 figs!
There is an alley behind a local shopping strip that has a large and generous fig tree. My brother and sister in law have pilfered me two large bowls full. And they have been great. Here is a simple fig tart ready to cook. Just a little almond meal underneath to catch the glorious juice and sugar sprinkled on top to go a bit caramelly. Not sure why there is no pic of finished product. Yummy though. No more figs.
The old bathroom was looking a little tired and so we went out and bought a new bath and shower screen. Next is a new toilet and a new vanity cabinet and mirror. We need to bring the bathroom into the 3rd millennium. We are looking at a stark white with terracotta floor tiles which are in the family room and hallway leading to the bathroom. It will give some continuity and flow from room to room.

It all started here - the new bath.
Little did I know how much work there would be in front of me.
I'm sure that the hard work is the demolition!
The bath tub itself was wedged into the wall studs and then placed on a bed of cement for stability - it took some effort to remove it.
The new bath is a lot more simple and has its own steel framework for stability.
A very good friend has loaned me his trailer which I'm currently using as a huge garbage bin until I've cleared the debris from the bathroom. I hope to complete the demolition so we can be prepared for laying the base for floor and wall tiling next weekend.
There is something therapeutic about having a hammer in one's hands
smash, bash, bash, smash......


  1. Good work! Can't wait to see more progress and the finished room!

    1. It needs to be a quick renovation as our son Mitch is sharing our en suite Walt.
      I'm actually surprised that I feel confident enough to tackle the job.

  2. I love the demolition part, I agree it is very therapeutic :-) I love figs and we have a fantastic tree but I have to wait a bit now before we get any more. Meanwhile we have masses bottled from last year in Vodka, hic. Take care Diane

    1. I'll tell Sue that you have a fig tree - she might pay a visit to fill the car when we return next year.
      Like the vodka thing - we use vodka to make Limoncello.

  3. What a way to celebrate a birthday! Bet you would prefer being in Paris right now. Happy Birthday, Leon, and many happy returns of the day! Martine

    1. Hello Martine - good to hear from you.
      Just returned from a night with friends. Presents of French wine and Belgium chokies and a few cycling books.
      How lucky am I.

  4. Like the shape of that new bath. We're fine on demolition :-) but hopeless on renovation so really admire those who can; bet it will look amazing when you're finished.

    1. N and A - We'll let you know how we go on the renovation part. It might take longer than the demolition.... Next weekend we go out to by materials amd a new toilet and vanity.


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