Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's on Your Study Desk?

Funky Friday it is and I took a photo of my study desk with my iPhone to send to my Mac Book. Not sure why I would do that but maybe I should rename Funky Friday to Frivolous Friday.

Anyway, let's examine my littered study desk.
Starting from the left is a pocket camera that Sue and I have taken 1000s of photos of our trips to France that we have shared with you on past posts. It sits on an MG Car Club Melbourne magazine by the name of Wheel Spin. I was an editor of the Mag for 5 years. It was a great experience.

Next is a book by Tim Krabbe called "The Rider". It describes a cyclist in a bike race from start to finish. As you read this book you feel that you are in the writer's head, you ride with him and share his inner most thoughts - his feeling of confidence and at times the demons that tell him he is suffering. It is one of the most insightful books on cycling that I have ever read (twice).

Then there's those bicycle book ends that Sue gave me a few Christmases back. They sit on four other books:
Chateaux of the Loire Valley - Manor Houses in Normandy and my very favourite dog-eyed and tattered cover, "The Great Rock Discography". It's my bible of Rock Music. I'm very concerned that my CD collection is almost as large as the contents of this book.......

Then there's that silver Peugeot 307 model car that I bought for Sue on our recent stay in Paris because that's what she drives at home. Under the 307 is a classic Alfa Giulietta Spyder 1959 because its the closest that I will ever get to own one.

Beside the little cars is Andrew Hussey's book "Paris, the secret History" purchased in 2010 and I have never finished it - still dog eared on page 320 of 488 pages. Those early years of Paris were much more interesting but I must get back to it.

There's a pair of French bicycle hubs I bought on eBay that I hope to build with antique wooden rims which will then be finishing touches to a 1940s racing bicycle that I'm restoring.

The rest of the desk has a few scribbled notes and spreadsheets of things to do and project schedules that never seem to reach completion - dreams and expectations.

What does your study desk tell about you? I'd like to know!!!


  1. Looking around here, a French/English dictionary, a scanner, mobile phone. On the floor by the desk, photos of our overland trip and many photo albums from over the past 60 years! Then on the table behind the desk is a sewing machine and over-locker and next to it a bookcase full to overflowing of all sorts. Then there is the massage couch which is short on use and a cupboard full of 'junk' all of which has some use. :-))) Diane

    1. Diane
      I'm sure that if you cleaned up your study, you would never find anything but also discover things that went missing years ago.
      How is Nigel - maybe he needs to lay on that massage table!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Vera - I say this with all due respect but reading your blog (which always puts a smile on my face) I suspect that your mind may be the same. Sue has a wall hanging that says, "Dull Women have immaculate houses".
      Your posts are never dull!!!!!!!


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