Friday, March 01, 2013

The Australian F1 Gran Prix in Melbourne

Only this week, I took a short cut to work by Albert Park Lake. In a few weeks time, the Australian Formula  1 Grand Prix will be held and the sound of F1 racing cars will be heard through out the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas.

Back in the 50s it was the venue of the AGP but was banned by the Liberal Government - it was brought back to the Park in the 90s by the Libs - how quickly the Pollies forget.

Anyway lets return to the story - part of the road was blocked and so I was sent on a detour that took me on the actual home and finishing straight. The high guard fences were going up, the grand stands had been erected and the track walk-overs were all in place.

2013 will commemorate 60 years since that 1st Australian Grand Prix on the Lake.
Hooning down the finishing straight, I was passed by commuting  cyclists.
The crowds stood to their feet to congratulate me on my win in 2013.
Yes, I was having a Walter Mitty moment!



  1. Great feeling to be able to drive down the track. We used to often have driving days at Kyalami when the track was used for F1 in S.Africa. It was good to let the imagination run wild and think you were winning a race! Take care Diane

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