Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dodgy Internet

Yep, dodgy internet - I have the last two posts planned to go and then add photos but the wifi connection went on strike - I'm at Macca's with this post to say that we might leave it until Tuesday to post the rest of our trip. It's been a real insight to the top end of Tassie. The weather has been hovering in the 30s each day, very unusual for Tasmania.

Anyway since our last post we've travelled across a mountain range to the east coast and then back down the Tamar Valley to Launceston.
Today we travelled to Devonport where the Ferry from Melbourne docks. We were there for the Food and Wine Festival. The drive back took us through some very historic villages with homes dating back to Georgian architecture, not common in Melbourne.
We'll tell you more when we get back to Melbourne - our home on the bay.

Sorry for the delay.


  1. No problem, just something for us to look forward to :-) Diane

  2. Dodgy yes but we are now back home and I expect that we will have some daily posts now to catch up. Tassie is truely magical.


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