Friday, February 08, 2013

Funky Friday Foto

As I post this - Its still Friday here in Melbourne - 11.05 to be exact. Its been a long day, and a long week at work. I thought that it might just settle down after the new year but NO! I guess I should be grateful that we are busy.
Australia has an unemployment rate of around 5%. Not too bad compared to many other countries.

Last Friday I posted a Funky Friday Foto of a young man in his undies riding a bike path painted stencil of a bike for the lady readers - Today I'm posting a photo of Vicki Pembleton. Vicki has recently retired from a great career as one of Britain's most successful female track cyclists. I'm just starting to read her book. Its not just about cycling but about her family, her ealy school years and feelings of self doubt.
I think I will enjoy her story.

Here she is with her state of the art track bike modelling
 her  National  racing skin suit.
And her other skin suit .


  1. Maybe it is because I am female, but I do not see anything attractive in Victoria Pendleton in her skin suit.

    1. Hi CW - I'm not sure if I posted Vicki in her "Skin Suit" with attractive in mind but I'm currently reading her book and she talks about the photo shoot that was in a magazine after her amazing successes of gold medals in Olympics and World Championships. She seemed quite comfortable with the shoot.
      I've been a fan of hers and her rival Anna Meares as icons of women (clean) athletes. Is the statue od David attractive, Hmmm. Not quite sure from a male point of view.
      You make an interesting topic of conversation.

  2. Bet that is not a real photo, the body looks quite masculine! Also Victoria appears to be quite shy, she certainly was on Strictly Come dancing. She is getting married quite soon so I understand. Have a good weekend Diane

    1. Vicki talks about the photo shoot in a chapter in the book and its for real. The book does show her shyness and also a little lack of confidence in her body shape as a young girl but with the right coaches over the years her confidence grew to bring the successes her way. I'm sure we will hear from Vicki over the years.
      Does she dance well?

    2. No her dancing was rubbish. I was amazed she just seemed to be completely uncoordinated :-((

  3. OK, I confess to being a boy and liking Vic's skin suit.
    (Sigh) I feel better now.


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