Monday, February 25, 2013

It's been busy

Yep - It's been really busy - work and family. I have my DAD staying with us for 10 days. I might have mentioned that he's 91 - 92 next year.
He really is a character. I took him to to 115th running of the Australia wheelrace - a track cycling event. I actually was the first loser one year back in the 80s and my father often laments that I was robbed but its in the past I tell him. Lets move on.

He's been a bikie since he was 15. He tells some great old yarns. He grew up in the depression. mixed with many desperadoes in his time and with people in all walks in life.

This is my excuse for not posting regularly lately.
He's great bloke.

Dad enjoyed horses, motor bikes, bicycles and cars.
He also loves his grand children - my son Mitch
I guess he might like his Son as well
Hopefully we''ll be posting frantically soon. After Jack, that's he's name - goes back to Queensland, we take off to Launceston at the top end of Tassie. We should have daily posts for you all.
Until then I have a Wednesday's in France ready to go in two days time.

We've missed you all.


  1. Enjoy your Dad while you can. I will go along with his love of horses as well. My life before bicycles! Keep well all of you. Diane xx

    1. Sounds like Jack and you might have some common interests Diane.

  2. You're lucky to still have your Dad Leon. He looks like a great guy. I like the inter generational one with Mitch.

    1. Hi Craig - Hope I can emulate his longivity and still enjoy life but he is somewhat of a freak.

  3. My Dad always held an aloofness towards me so I never really knew him, and I feel quite envious of the relationship you have with your father, but it is as it is I suppose, and I loved my Dad anyway.

    1. Vera,
      I've heard this from many - I've just finished Vicki Pendleton's biography - the multi- world and Olympic cycling champion and she always strived to please her Dad. He was the silent type and she wasn't quite sure where she stood with him.
      Yep, my Dad and I are good.


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