Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fire and Rain

James Taylor wrote and sang a song of Fire and Rain. It was about a friend who died from a drug overdoes but, the title of the song does in a way describe what our vast country has experienced in the last few months.

Here in Victoria we have experienced many bushfire, some even encroaching our outer suburbs. Both New South Wales and Queensland are experiencing never ending rain and floods, The border of Victoria and NSW had a violent windstorm lift rooftops from houses while to the west of Australia hurricanes approach.

And many politicians are still adamant that global warming is nonsense.

Bushfires in Victoria

Storms lift rooftops on the border of Victoria and New South Wales.

Storms approach Western Australia

Floods rage through Queensland
Today Victoria was covered in a blanket of rain offering a relief to our Fire Fighters throughout the state.


  1. It never rains but it pours, and if it is not one thing it is another!! I am thankful that we are on high land with all the rain we have had here. Take care D & N

  2. Crikey, at least we only had a soaking on our fields from our full to bursting river and didn't have to deal with water in the house, as yet. I am comfortable with living next to a river because for most of the time the water goes straight past, but to live opposite an ocean which is running high, I really do think that might freak me out!

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  4. Sorry, I should have done the spell check first!

    We Brits ALWAYS complain about the weather, but our weather has been tame in comparison.

    Fire and rain is an apt title

  5. Diane/Vera/Gaynor.
    I've been reading your posts and see the amount of rain and snow in your parts of the world. Australia is a huge country with so much varied weather patterns the last few months.
    We come to expect the extremes. I have to say that those experiencing these extremes tend to be very resilient.

  6. We've noticed that Australia has been having a very hard time of it weather wise. As has the east coast of the US.

    We may grumble and mutter about the very soggy conditions which we currently are experiencing but it's small potatoes!

    Great song BTW

    1. Fire and rain - yes great song. I've seen James Taylor do it live here in Melbourne.
      Heard the duet with Carole King and James and a great version by Jimmy Barnes with Marcia Hines that my eyes weep.
      Look for their version on you tube.

  7. I have close friends in SE Queensland and they've had it pretty bad recently. I hope you stay away from such extremes in Mentone for your late summer and autumn. I had to water my Scottish garden today because of no rain for about 10 days - what's the world coming too!

    1. Mentone is pretty much consistent generally weather wise - you would like it here.
      Looks a bit like its namesake Menton on the French/Italy border.

  8. Global warming is going to be tragic, everywhere in the world! I remember seeing the Dead Sea years ago when the big hotels touched the water's edge. Now the same hotels are miles from the water's edge...the water has disappeared :(

    Our summer was not only warmer this year and for longer, but it has been humid as well. Melbourne humid??? We are a dry city!

    1. Hels,
      You seemed to have travelled a lot - you must have an interesting life. Love your posts.


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