Sunday, December 02, 2012

What a Lot of Wallies.....

Friends - they enrich your life, don't they. And when they have birthdays, you get to celebrate with them. Sue and I are very fortunate to be surrounded by many very good friends in our various spheres of life. Cycling, travelling, car clubs, family and just generally in life, we have a great circle of people that we enjoy spending time with.

This weekend was one of those weekends that many of those friends came together to celebrate a special birthday. Our cycling, sailing, MG owner friend, Dazza was celebrating his 50th birthday.

And on the following Sunday, our friend Bob was celebrating his 59th birthday so with Champagne in arm, we trundled to see him and good wife Jenny. I have to tell you that my mate Bob is a regular bower bird. You know, a person that collects things. His garage, side way and attic is an Aladdin's cave of collectables. The myth goes that Bob has never sold or thrown away any of his possessions in his 59 years. During our champagne sipping, Bob emerged from the garage to display the bike he was given many decades previous that was a birthday present. Since then his passion ignited so many years ago still burns bright. Bikes are his world.

Next Wednesday's in France we visit still more friends in the Loire - hope your weekend was fun.


  1. What's with all the stripes, any significance, presumably something I have missed re Wallies?

    We have been flat out all weekend and not a lot to show for it other than a huge pile of garden rubbish. We now have rain here for the next 3 days so we can't do anything with it until it all dries out! Take care Diane

    1. OK I have just discovered - The popular red-and-white-striped children’s figure of “Where’s Wally?” fame turns 25 today, as fans celebrate quarter of a century since his creation. Never heard of him!!! D

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all! Glad that Diane found out what those red stripes were all about! Thought it was fancy dress!


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