Friday, December 14, 2012

A Purple Haze in our Garden

After a few days of 30 plus degrees, the rains came last night and the Jacaranda tree lost some of its purple blossom on the green lawn of our back yard.

As I ventured out the front door on my way to work, the front yard was also wearing its purple ensemble.

Just a few snaps taken on the iPhone while rushing off to work.
We've heard the Jimi Hendrix PURPLE HAZE so many times over the years - try this for someting different.


  1. Lovely bright and cheerful photos, much needed this morning as we march into the dark of winter. But I am honestly not sure of the vid. Didn't get more than a third of the way through it because it sort of grated on my ears. But I do admire the technical ability of the musicians, and it was interesting to watch and hear. Enjoy the sun for us! We still have some around but there is also lots of rain as well.

    1. You know Vera, I replayed the vid and I totally agree - poor choice but I just loved Jimi Hendrix when he burst on the scene - maybe I should have used the original.

  2. "Purple haze" is probably more fun to play than to listen to.
    Lovely shades of purple.

  3. The only musical instrument I can play is an iPod or CD player Nadege.

  4. Me too Leon. My son is in his high-school band and plays different instruments. I can sing but I even cannot dance. Now that is very sad!


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