Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sorry to have missed my usual posts - I lost my Mojo!!!!!

Yes, that's it, I knocked off work and just stopped everything. Blogging was one of those things that took a back seat. 2012 has been one of the most busiest working years I can remember in my 16 years with the company. I guess I shouldn't complain - many companies are finding that the economy is slower than previous. It will be interesting to see how our retail sector performs after all the post Christmas sales.

Again I digress - it happens often at my age..........

So what have we been up to since December 21st - our last post. Shopping, cooking, eating, drinking, riding and relaxing.
Oh, yes and enjoying family. Our son Andrew is home from England for Christmas. Our other son has a friend he met in Montreal staying with us until the first week of January.

I thought I would just post some pictures of the last week.
My first day of rest involved - naturally a ride on my favorite piece of road with what I believe meets the expectations of any place in the world - sometimes because I ride this piece of road several times a week, I take it for granted.
It's summer in Bayside Mentone and there's no better place for me than to be riding my bike  om Beach Road.
But my mate Nico had other ideas for the Beach Road  Bayside Xmas ride. A very brave man indeed is my mate Nico.
A very Corporate Chap is Nico, but on this day, he came out of the closet with help from his Missus who added the final  touch of the halo. I shall never see Nico with the same eyes again.
Even an Angel needs his after ride caffeine.
In fact the whole crew enjoy their after ride coffee - it's a Melbourne tradition.
One of Santa's helpers, Rosemary poses for the camera.
So on the ride were pixies, Santa, elves, and they all looked like they were having fun. I have to say that I'm a little inhibited when it comes to dressing up and riding in public so I was a quiet observer.

Our big festive meal is Christmas day. However with our Canadian friend staying and unable to have Christmas lunch with us due to an invitation from other Aussie friends, we decided to treat him to a Christmas Eve meal.

Mussels done in Sue's special way.
And then, tiger prawns.
Enjoyed with a salad of lettuce, beetroot, walnuts and feta cheese and a drizzle of olive oil.
To cleanse the palette, nectarine, grapes, cherries, and cantaloupe or rock melon.
It is now December 27 and the New Year draws close. New Year resolutions are being formulated by many. What are ours, I hear you ask?
There is only one resolution and that is to enjoy family, friends and life. Oh yes, and to get back to regular blogging.
Hope your festive season has been as enjoyable as ours. Tomorrow is Funky Friday..........


  1. The food looks fresh, healthy and delicious in an Australian summer. The idea of steaming hot roasts with starchy hot puddings always struck me as totally inappropriate.

    I identify with what you said about knocking off work and everything stopping. Normally during the year our days are rigidly laid out in a diary. You have to leave home at the right time to catch the 8.10 AM train, the first staff meeting is at 9 AM, the first lecture is at 11.30 AM etc etc.

    On holidays I don't have a diary and I don't wear a watch. *sigh*

    1. No Diary - No Watch: Bliss Hels.
      Our time to relax.

  2. (I would have bet that Diane in Charente would have been the first one to comment. Hi Diane!).
    Those prawns really look beautiful and the spinach salad with beet root, feta and walnuts is making me salivate.
    I was starting worrying about you and was going to send you a Facebook message if you didn't post soon. I am glad your business is doing well and you are keeping busy.
    I stop new year's resolutions a long time ago. I live in the present, or trying to anyway.
    A very happy, healthy, prosperous new year to you and your family Leon. Thank you for blogging and taking pictures for us. It makes me feel like I am in the Southern hemisphere.

    1. Nadege - Diane has gone to Casablanca for Christmas.
      I think I might be back on track now and hop I can keep you and our other readers interested in our posts in 2013.
      Best wishes from us both.

  3. Hi there, back from Casablanca but not in blog mode as yet, I will return in the New Year. The diary has been updated though meanwhile.
    I think I would of had a fit if Nigel had decided to dress up as an angel for a Christmas ride....... I am sure that you will see wings every time you look at Nico from now on!
    That food looks magical, yum yum. Have a great New Year and we wish you all the very best for 2013. D & N xx

    1. Diane and Nigel - Good to hear you are home - safe and sound. Look forward to a post on Casablanca soon.


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