Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paris for Two Weeks and my 60th.

It was time to move on after only three nights in the Loire visiting friends. Travelling is a wonderful experience seeing the sights of another country. Meeting and greeting friends along the way only enhances the experience - maybe this is why we keep returning to France.
We took a ride in the Citroen called Celestine with her owners, Susan and Simon, enjoyed lunch with Walt, Carole and Mikee, and also saw fellow Blogger Jean's village although we missed seeing her.

This chap sits on the outside of Carole and Mikees house - I wonder if he has a name.
Walt took this photo of Carole and Mikee - Ken couldn't make it as he was in the US visiting his mother.
This is Walt hamming it up with the T-shirt we presented him with at lunch
Our apartment was in a street off Rue Montorgueil.
For my 60th birthday, Sue had organised two weeks living in an apartment in Paris. It was off Rue Montorgueil and was one of those pedestrian only streets. I would be sent down in the mornings by Sue to buy baguettes as she was brewing coffee for breakfast. Un baguette sil vous plait Madam was the extent of my French, oh yes, and Merci. What the hell, the response was a smile and "you are welcome" in english.

The area was perfect for Sue - it allowed her to wander down into the street to buy produce for our evening meals. The kitchen in the apartment was more than adequate for Sue's culinary skills.

A glass of red while watching life roll by.
Our next lot of posts will be about two weeks of living in Paris - cooking, eating, drinking, sight seeing and yes of course, riding my bike with friends in Paris.


  1. I really need to see more of Paris as I have only ever been for a short period, and only once since an adult! Problem is I don't like cities very much so I tend to enjoy the smaller towns and villages.
    Like Walt's T-shirt. Keep well 6 days and we are of the the sun (We hope) D & N

    1. Meant to be off to the sun!!! I must learn to read before I publish - 100 times :-)

    2. I'm hopeful that you will post while away - You and Nigel have a great time.


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