Monday, September 17, 2012

Why do Weekends go so Quickly

Why do weekends go so quickly - Saturday I was in my car to Lorne, a seaside town with a little more than 1000 permanent residents. It was founded during the 1850s and was named after the Marquees of Lorne from Aryleshire, Scotland. I discovered this little piece of trivia from Wikipedia.

Last year I joined some cycling friends to ride the Amy Gillett "Gran Fondo" and we did the same this year. The event swells by more than 4000 riders and of course their support crew of wives, girlfriends, boyfriends and other family members. The roads are are closed for the 110 km course and takes in some of Victoria's most beautiful coastline and inland forests.

Amy was tragically killed while out training with the Women's Australian cycling team while in Germany several years back and the Amy Gillett Foundation has been established in her memory for the betterment of cycling and various charity causes.

I'm afraid that we were so busy that I didn't have time to expand on our weekend, hence this pathetic post.
Which only proves what a great weekend it was.

What's a GRAN FONDO you may well ask! It's just a great lot of fun for 4000 cyclists.
The old Lorne Cinema - still in business to this very day.
And the local Timber and Metal roofed church.

The Lorne Sea Baths where one can enjoy the salt water without sharks and jelly fish!!
I did however sea dolphin frolicking on my arrival along the Great Ocean Rd when arriving at Lorne.
I winter when the residents are no longer joined by the summer holiday makers, one could walk across the street without fear of being run over but with probably the population expanded 10 fold, one needed to be vigilant of not only cars but 1000s of lycra clad Tour d France wannabees.....
It seemed that most cars carried bikes that were valued at the cost of a low mileage second hand car.
An arty farty photo of a seaside tree.
I wish I could have enjoyed Lorne more for you but I've promised Sue that we will return to enjoy a weekend holiday with food and wine experiences we can share with you. It really is a magic place with the coast on one side and the rain forests inland.

Wednesday sees us still in Paris 2009 - see you then.


  1. Where indeed do the weekends go and this week it included Monday for us - up a ladder with a paint brush non stop. Nigel's feet are better not talked about, and my back feels like it has seen better days!!! Looking forward to Tuesday at the moment. D & N

    1. I'm sure that my weekends will go further when I'm retired - True????
      Sounds like you both have been very industrious.

  2. Those salt water baths look inviting. Could do with sitting on a beach, or by a pool, or anywhere other than here. Don't mean that, will be alright once I have made myself a cup of tea! At least I am not up a ladder painting, like Dianne and Nigel are. That comes later!

    1. I could have used a salt bath after our ride and although that cup of tea of yours, my first beer went down well afterwards Vera.


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