Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Montmartre was one of those places we never seemed to have experienced in the coming and going of Paris in 2006 and 2008. This particular year (2009) we put it on the list.
It was to include a visit to Sacre Coeur and the Salvador Dali exhibition. Many of you would know that it was a favourite place for artists, poets, writers - home to bohemia and the Moulin Rouge.

What I had read was that the first Bishop of Paris, Saint Denis was beheaded on the hill around 250AD. The area was named Montmarte - Mountain of the Martyr. It is said from what I've read, that after being beheaded after causing disturbances with the Pagan Priests, he bent down, picked up his head and walked to a shrine within 10 ams away while preach a sermon. The final resting place is where the Saint Denis Basilica now sits - the resting place for the Kings of France. But that's another story for the future.

Our visit to the highest point in Paris took us by several some lovely shops, houses and cafes. We decided it would be a good place to rest and have lunch. The place we selected for lunch was very casual with the ceiling covered in post cards, photos and currency from all over the world. I had in my wallet, an early $1.00 note, now long out of circulation. I stapled it to the ceiling and signed my name - I wonder if it is still there today?

On the ceiling of a cafe in Montmartre is my 1970s $1.00 note with my little character drawing of myself. 
A vineyard in the heart of Montmartre.
Lapin Agile - the haunt of paris Bohemia.

Sacre Coeur. 

Looking down from Montmartre to Paris
You know, I don't think you ever get to see all the great delights of Paris, no matter how many times you've been there. I have a friend who has lived there for a decade and yet he hasn't experienced many of the sights that we have. Hmmmmm, it makes me wonder if we ever take the time to become a tourist in our own environment.


  1. You are right..there are so many places to visit and photograph in Paris and other cities, noone could ever see the lot. So I decided long ago not to hop and skip between cities - you don't see much of anyplace and you end up totally frustrated.

    Montmartre is such a super suburb for people interested in the Belle Epoque, especially Lapin Agile, Moulin Rouge etc. I also loved La Ruche in Montparnasse etc. "sigh"...rock on next July.

  2. In June 1984 I had a lovely lunch at 'La Mère Catherine'. Does it still exist? And in 1974 I had my profile/shadow cut in black paper by one of the 'resident' artists. I've kept it for many, many years, but think I threw it out in one of my recent moves. What a shame!
    Lovely photos. Thank you for posting them! Martine

  3. Often people who live in these places never get to see what is around them. Our neighbour commented a couple of months back, that we have seen far more of the local sights than he has having lived her all his life!!
    Love your photos and the cartoon drawing is great. When (!) we get there I will look out for the note LOL.
    Take care D & N

  4. Ive got a pic of that cutsie French café "Poulbot" in Montmartre.... Only wish they would dispense with that blue & white striped stuff ... I tried to edit it out of my pic but only made it look worse.
    I'll watch out for your A$1- note on the ceiling Leon!!


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