Thursday, September 06, 2012

Finally Back to PARIS

This was our third trip to France - what was to be our once in a lifetime trip in 2006 had now become our usual holiday destination. We had previously finished our 2006/2008 trips with a one week stay in Paris. This time it was an apartment in the 11th out near Pere Lachaise Cemetery. The area is non-touristy and had a local feel about it. We'll tell you more in future Wednesdays.

We travelled back from Lyon on the TGV to Gare de Lyon and grabbed a taxi that took Sue and I, also my precious bike bag with the Bike carefully packed away. I couldn't wait to reassemble it and start riding the streets of Paris over the next week. I also was going to catch up with my cycling friends who live in Paris, Michel and Leigh. Sue was looking forward to visiting the local market nearby and I was looking forward to eating and drinking.

The apartment was owned by a Canadian and was comfortable and affordable. It was on the ground floor and had its own private courtyard garden where we spent most of our dining. We'll tell you more in following posts on our week in Paris.

The apartment courtyard and the "bike bag".
Most meals were enjoyed in this leafy courtyard with the occasional bird waiting for a tiny morsel of food. Most enjoyable it was!!!
Most mornings we would pass by the Stature of Leon Blum - We'll tell you more about him later.

Walking the paths of Pere Lachaise.

See you next Wednesday for our week in Paris.


  1. I am looking forward to more snipetts. Louise

    1. With a whole week in Paris, we promise you more than sippers Louise.

  2. I have never visited the cemetery of Pere Lachaise but did visit the one in Montmartre. Pretty amazing!

    1. Maybe Montmarte will need to be on our list next visit Nadege.


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