Friday, September 07, 2012

Funky Friday Fotos

I took a different drive to work this morning along Beach Road. I wish I had $1 for every time I'd been up and down this glorious road that caresses Port Phillip Bay - I'd be a very rich man.

Sometimes, just sometimes these scenes that you see often go unappreciated. During my drive to work I passed by Luna Park. Its a very old theme park. I went there as a child and I suspect my parents went there as children. We even took our kids there. Its one of those places that has always been there and you don't really give it much thought anymore.

Building of Luna Park began in 1912 and since its opening still runs today except during periods of war  or renovation. Today its an icon of St Kilda, Melbourne's early heritage.
It was a place to take family and possibly someone on that first date!

Even today it might a place to take some one to relive that first date.
That is until this morning and I promised on the way home from work, I would stop with my little pocket camera and take some shots. Not of the colourful entrance with the huge clown's head - NO!
It was the back that intrigued me with its tatty looking high corrugated steel wall and the peeling paint on the Scenic Railway structure.

Only last week I purchased this photo editing program for my Macbook Pro. Here's some effects from two of the original shots.



I have to admit that my fairly average photos take on a different perspective with the use of this program using special effects. Having said that, I really respect people who take captivating photos ala natural, don't you?

Talk to you after the weekend.


  1. The effects are quite spectacular but I would much rather have the original :-) We used to have a
    Luna Park in Rhodesia days, but it was a travelling Park and went from town to town. I am amazed that it is still as popular as it was 100 years ago. Some things just do not change!
    Have a good weekend, D & N

    1. I'm thinking Sue and I should pay a visit to Luna Park and rekindle some childhood memories.
      Remember how some of those great memories sometimes seem a bit tacky in adulthood. I think Luna Park might be a bit like that.

  2. Just going quickly through blog as I am busy again right now. I didn't know what to write to I checked out "interesting". Have a good weekend [what's left of it for you].

    1. Its Sunday late afternoon and the weekend is almost over - don't know where it goes.


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