Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just a Simple Weekend in Melbourne

Bit of a quiet weekend for us - nice for a change. Sue made Vanilla slices, the best I have ever tasted.
Did you have a rude name for these when a child? I couldn't possibly repeat what we called them now that I'm a grown-up.
Anyway, she has her own special recipe and we all love them.

You might note that my laptop has a couple of blokes that look like they may well be singing. They are.
One of them is Neil Finn, a founding member of Crowded House. The other Bloke is Jimmy Barnes, an Aussie-Scot that has become a music icon. On You Tube you can see a series where he invites people into his home studio and reminise their first gig. There's two of those at the end of this post.
We spent our Saturday night sharing you tube selections played thru our Apple TV to the big screen.


  1. I have never had a vanilla slice, so as for names the mind boggles!! How about a recipe please Sue so that I can try these wondrous things out?
    Take care D & N

  2. What a fantastic evening.

    Awesome vanilla slices and fantastic music. If I lived nearby I'd invite myself round with a few bottles of bubbles ...

    W're going to view a few more of these sessions on Youtube.I love Marcia's voice.

  3. Sitting at my PC, catching up with everyone, not had breakfast yet, then landed up here as was made more famished by those lovely vanilla slices. Somehow toast does not feel quite the same!

  4. Recipe please Sue! I love Neal Finn. I saw Crowded house for their first US performance.
    We had "discovered" Tim during our first trip to Australia.

  5. Hi all, Sue here.
    Those vanilla slices are a firm favourite in this household, and our son Mitch has a number of friends who seem to know when I'm making them and appear!
    It's a cheat recipe. Takes very little time and is easy. Unfortunately I doubt the recipe will help in France or USA.
    It is made with a mix of milk, cream, vanilla, icing sugar and a packet mix available in Australia of instant vanilla pudding. Made by a firm called Cottees. Sounds odd I know, but works! I would be happy to share the recipe details if you think you can get the stuff.
    Cheers Sue


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