Monday, April 30, 2012

Two Horses in my Driveway

A little bit of France entered our driveway last night. I made contact with a friend whom I had not seen in 20 years. Chris and I met through the Classic Citroen Owners Club of Australia when we were in our mid 20s. We both owned classic Citroens, mainly 50s Traction Avants.
The Club was running Raid 2012, an event open to Deaux Chevaux or 2CVs. Chris drove his from Adelaide to Melbourne to meet the ferry to Tassie where the Raid was to begin before returning to Melbourne and then travelling north to the bush.

I rang Chris to meet up after 20 years to say hello and invited him to stay the night - a fine bottle of red was waiting and we talked about old memories and how life had changed over the past two decades.

Anyway he parked the 2CV in the driveway overnight and I wonder what my neighbours thought when they saw this delightful little vehicle decorating our driveway behind Sue's Peugeot.
A little taste of France in Mentone.


  1. I would love a 2CV but Nigel, at 6'4", may have to roll himself up to get into it!! Diane

  2. Imagine waking up to a Citroen 2CV in your drive-way .... A wonderful vision. On my last trip to France I saw one on the highway which had caught fire ... A tragic sight

  3. Diane with one D - that would be a sight to see Nigel in the 2CV. Has ever driven a Mini?

    Dianne with two Ds - and this 2CV came all the way from Cumberland Park, Adelaide in one day at 90 kph all the way faultlessly.

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