Friday, April 13, 2012

A Fought for Fwyday

I should put my teeth back in after that.
Melbourne is about to experience a perfect autumn weekend. We are in April and Al Jolson told me that this time of year brought the showers and so did Gene Kelly.


  1. Oh I looooooove singing in the rain and I cannot play it:(( We definitely need a new connection. Diane

    1. When I posted this, I thought - poor Diane, she won't be able to play this.
      I bet it gave you the imspiration to sing a few bars though.

  2. Enjoy your weather, it is wet and cold here and no improvement in sight! :(

  3. LLM - I did notice how cold it is in your region from your blog. I read it with each post and by the time I think about a comment, there's like 1000s already.
    The sun will shine soon in Italy.

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