Sunday, April 01, 2012

I've had a Wonderful Day

Today was my birthday - 62. Didn't think I'd get this far when I was in my twenties. Like James Dean, die young and leave a handsome corpse but I was at a disadvantage having been born ugly.
Strangely, as I get older, I'm having more fun and enjoy each year with more and more enthusiasm. In three days time my father turns 91 and my lovely daughter is 39. Such is life - someone else said that from memory. (Sue tells me it was Ned Kelly before he was hung - Google that)

Anyway I've been very slack this weekend on the blogging scene so forgive me. Birthday things took over with a fantastic dinner that Sue prepared and enjoyed with three couples that just happen to be great friends.
Trouble is that we also enjoyed some great wines - too many and a whole bottle of port.

Sunday morning was a late start I must admit with a slightly heavy head. But I did get out for a ride arriving back at our regular cafe for a coffee and there was a whole bunch of mates that wished me happy birthday as well. Logged into face book and there were more birthday wishes. (thanks Walt)
I have to say that its been a great day and I'm feeling a little humble to know that I have some great friends out there.

So this weekend's post is a really pathetic attempt - I've searched the internet for some old photos of our area of Mentone - our home on the bay.
Promise to do better for the next "Wednesday's in France" later in the week.

People enjoying a day on Mentone beach

The old signal box at Mentone beach,
a part of our heritage now destroyed in the name of progress.

The diving tower at Mentone sea baths - now demolished in the name of progress.

Three young ladies enjoying each others company and a cuppa at Mentone raceway.
Horse racing at Mentone was a place to be seen until the late 60s. It later became a new housing estate in the name of progress.

Young ladies at the Mentone sailing club. The Life Saving and Sailing Club still exist.


  1. That body off the diving platform looks a bit like ET!!!! Sorry

    Happy birthday to you, your Dad and your daughter. What a way to celebrate 3 times with some good wine Hic !

    We have just been to the annual free french pensioner's lincheon. Arrived at 12pm and got home at 6pm. Many courses of food plus punch, red and rose wine, champagne and cognac!!!!! Hic Hic.

    Have a good week Diane

    1. Diane - love your sense of humour. Glad you had a great time with the locals.

  2. Happy birthday Leon !! I'm glad you had a great day.
    62 is young these days - see how old the "young ladies" in those old photos looked.
    We're so lucky to have been born in the 50's, the first generation to be able to look forward to reaching a grand old age with some certainty, all things being equal. I can tell you intend to enjoy every minute !!
    Jean xx

    1. Jean,
      Thanks for your very kind words - I do like our era but with an open ear to the future as well.
      My Dad is 91 and my daughter 39 on Wednesday.
      Sue and I celebrate 28 years of wedded bliss. I should explain that my daughter is from a previous encounter and she will join us in Paris for Sue's 60th. How good is that?

  3. Happy belated birthday, Leon! And many happy returns of the day!!! Sorry to be late, but I've had some serious internet connection problems lately and was off line for a while. Glad to hear you had a lovely day. Martine

    1. I know about your internet connections and look forward to you next post - I will be emailing you soon regarding our trip.
      Thank you for your kind comments.

    2. Oh yes I forgot to mention - what about Tom?
      3rd time winner of the Tour of Flanders.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes Lindy - we can have fun, it just takes longer to recover.


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