Sunday, April 29, 2012


I've been reading about the NEW BLOGGER thing and for an old bloke like me, change can be a traumatic thing. My Dad is 91 - he has no concept of computers or even mobile phones. He lives a simple life. Maybe, just maybe - he's got it right.
He's bright as a button, cheeky with all his facilties and still very mobile. He just doesn't want to complicate his life.

So, I thought I might just post some pictures from the past in our "Home on the Bay", here in Mentone.
With only three more sleeps before we take off to Paris, things are getting a bit urgent. My work, Sue's packing - organising all those other things - pet food, kitty litter - the bins.

AND YET - there's all this socialising before we go away. We are so fortunate to have such great friends and family.
Friday night Sue was thrown a pre-birthday get together with some of our special friends and her brother and sister in-law.
She was given lots of Pressies, not expected but truly appreciated.
Then Saturday she was off with the girls to an extremely decadent luncheon and Hubby (that's me) had to get his own dinner of fish and chips - poor, poor me!!

Sunday saw us join some friends we met in the Languedoc in 2006 outside a super marche at a little village of Saint Chinian. They live no more that three kilometres from home. They love travel as much as us and have had some great adventures.

So now with only those three sleeps to go - it's time to anticipate the experiences to come for our "In France for May" trip.
Keep tuned.
Back in the 50s, Mentone had its own grand theatre. It no longer exists so that the road junction could be widened.

We even had our own skating rink - also gone to make way for something else which no doubt, has been also replaced by something else.

Paddle steamers would ferry people up and down the bay - gone, to be seen no more.
The structure to the left of the photo is the now defunct Mentone sea baths.

This is the intersection (5 ways) near our home in 1951. You can see the grand theatre a little back from the junction. Our street is a little left on the opposite side. There's a lot of empty land compared to today.
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  1. Here's wishing Sue a very happy birthday when the day arrives!

    Hope your holiday is wonderful - and that the rain stops before you arrive...


  2. I hate changes and I am dreading the enforced change which appears to be coming up very soon on Google. Leon I am not sure what dates you plan to be here, but we may have a problem. We have to go back to the UK 8 - 15 May for a funeral! Not planned to be away then but these things happen! I hope it does not clash with your dates in this area. I hope the weather improves for you..... Diane

  3. Only three sleeps - I bet you are so excited you can hardly sleep at all !!

    It's a shame we can't meet up this time, but as I suspect this might not be your last trip to France, there may be a chance to meet another time.

    Have a great trip and a wonderful birthday, Sue, and I look forward to reading all about it.

  4. I don't know why blogger has to keep tinkering with things. I have switched off the changes until they have to happen. Last week my blog had translated itself into French - you can have too much of a good thing! Enjoy your expedition to France.

  5. You might not have time to post before you leave.
    Happy birthday Sue! Have a wonderful trip. We'll "see" you in France.

  6. Thanks everyone for your good wishes.
    Yes...we are certainly hoping that the weather improves also!
    I am at the 3 days before anxiety "what have I forgotten?"stage at the moment. Hopefully all goes well, and we'll certainly look forward to keeping you up to date.


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