Sunday, April 15, 2012


There's always different ways of looking at our surroundings - sometimes ways that we take for granted.
Like looking into a mirror or looking through a window. Sometimes we only see ourselves, our own reflection.
But look at it from a different angle - take ourselves out of the picture.
Being undecided what to post, I took the camera around our home on the bay and looked at the reflections in our mirrors and our windows - this is the result.

We like to entertain. The house has a dining room, but look past the Champagne glasses and there are Sue's collection of cook books that add dimension to her passion for entertaining.
Dingos and Wombats - uniquely Australian, but hiding behind our Dingo is a Citroen Traction Avant (very French) .
Our home sits somewhere in a fusion of Australiana, Cal/Bung, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Maybe a bit of Edwardian could be thrown into the mix.
The doors in the reflection are from the Art Deco period and the copper jug between our Australiana friends is certainly Art Nouveau.
There's that little bit of Edwardian sneaking in - a dressing table and lace curtains.
Looking in from out - Next door's chimney rises above our dining room window.
White jugs and an Edwardian dinner set left to Sue when her Mother passed away.
Do you have reflections in your daily life?


  1. We have very few mirrors in our house here. Bathroom and dressing table. Oh yes, and one on the bedroom door so I could see how fat I am getting!!

    Love your photos, your Citroen Traction Avant looks like it may be similar to the Porsche 911 we have in crystal. Diane

    1. hahaha! I call it being cuddly, not fat. And thos wrinkles hopefully are smile lines from enjoying life.
      Yes, I've seen the crystal 911.

  2. A great lot of reflections shots Leon ... I'm always seeing the world through reflections ... it becomes addictive after a while!!

    1. Hi Dianne - Yes, Ive seen you "reflective" posts. Fantastic.
      It was your past Reflections that gave me the inspiration as did you pictures of France for our "Daily French memories".
      Only two weeks before "Wednesdays in France" becomes "Everyday in France" for the month of May.


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