Thursday, December 29, 2011

Riding with my Dad, the Legend

Jack - The Legend
He's 90 - he's got no right to ride a bike five days a week.
His passion started at a young age, much like myself. It was in our teenage years we both became enthralled by the sport albeit him many years earlier than me obviously. He was 29 when I was born. He bought me a bike when I was two and I would ride it in a circle down the hallway into the dining room and lounge room, then back into the hallway. It was my private velodrome. Its weird but our current house has the same plan but Sue won't allow me to ride my bike in the house.

Jack - that's his name started the sport maybe at 17, he doesn't talk much about the past - says it too far back to remember but I suspect its modesty. He's a humble man.

He did tell me he once rode to Sydney from Melbourne to race in an event - performed dismally and then road back home to Melbourne - a distance of 2400 kms return. That feat on it's own makes him a Legend.
When I started racing, He supported me by helping me with my equipment, taking me to the races - he was my first coach and sponsor.

To see him still riding at the age of 90 and clocking up 100 kms per week amazes me - he is my Hero and a Legend.


  1. He's my hero as well. A wonderful man.

  2. Terrific! No wonder you are so proud of your Dad. He is a role model.
    (Have you checked out this blog yet?
    I just found it checking out "Paris and Beyond").

  3. Thanks Nadege - checked out Joe's blog. Some good shots.


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