Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm not sure if I was overly enthusiastic about visiting the Louvre - it's toooo mind boggling. So much to see and how do you fit it all in on a day visit - quite simply, you don't.
It was Sue's idea or was it her desire to see the Egyptian Antiquities exhibition. 50,000 pieces covering the Nile civilization from 4000bc to the 4th century. Yes, a morning visit should cover that!!!
It was after all only 20 rooms of displays.
Most people I'm told enter the Louvre from this level.
BUT they miss the most exciting part, well to me!

Down below you get to see the original foundations of a fortress built during the time of Phillip II in the 12 century.

A model of what was - before what is!
This is what excites me - the base of the 12 Century Fortress. WOW!

OK, we're inside now - this what you wanted to see isn't it Sue?

You guessed it - Sue is a cat lover.

What I did notice with Egyptian Antiquities was that all the statues were seated!!

I rest my case - another seated sculpture.
And more to follow.

I'd like to know what any of you out there have experienced on visits to the Louvre. We will be back next May and Sue and I would like your advise.


  1. I've been to the Louvre only once, decades ago! So I can't give you any advise. However, those four cats would look great on my new sideboard. Maybe you could acquire them for me ... when nobody is looking :) Martine

  2. The Louvre, where dose one start indeed. I think to appreciate it properly you probably need to be a Parisian resident!

  3. We just missed so much. I think you need a week there and I am sure there would still me more to see. Linda is right you need to be a resident of Paris. Diane

  4. Martine - If it wasn't for the glass cabinets, I'm sure Sue would have snaffled one or two of those egyptian cats.

  5. LLM - Now that's a thought, become a Parisian, although I do prefer the rural France as much as we love Paris.

  6. And Diane, yes, I expect that when we are back in May, we'll take another visit to the Louvre.

  7. It took me a couple of years to get to know the Louvre well and everytime (once a month) I would tell myself that I would never go back again as it is so overwhelming.
    Eventually I would go to mingle with the tourists as I had a kick out of studying them. I took my son to see the Mona Lisa a while back and that room didn't have the same energy it used to have now that the painting is encased... We zipped in and out really fast.

  8. Nadege, I know that many tourists probably visit the Louvre for the Mona Lisa - It wasn't on our list. Not sure why, maybe next time.
    Do tourists may good exhibits too?


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