Sunday, December 18, 2011

MGs and Misguided Passions

Sometimes we have a passion for something and we let our heart rule our head. I guess that two particular passions in my life have been cars and bikes (bicycles that is!). I should say that obviously Sue is my first passion (she's looking over my shoulder as I write).

On occasions these passions let you down and in the case of cars, this happens often. Our cars over the years have included MGs, Triumphs, Citroens, Alfa Romeos, and Peugeots, oh yes and a Mini.

Sue calls these collector's cars because when they break down, you have to go out have them collected. In the case of my MGZT190, this has happened on more than one occasion and it's really not old enough to be a Collector's car yet being born in 2005. Being a member of the MG Car Club since 1982, I thought it would be nice to continue with the Marque as my work car. Well it did a water pump last week and when one thing goes, other things need replacement - it went to an MG specialist called MG Workshop. One thing led to another and before we knew it, timing belts were replaced and then some of those computer thingies that modern cars have these days. I remember on weekends I would have my head under the bonnet, changing thermostats, spark plugs, points and sometimes even changing a gearbox. Not today!!!

We took our MGB to MG Workshop many years ago and it was always fascinating to wander around the premises. Although MG Workshop has moved it still invites you to wander around the cars and say hello.

These days I find the bike more reliable than the MG.
Having said that, I'm discovering that the motor that drives the bike is getting slower.

The owner of MG Workshop, Andrew has a liking for BIG motors. Note the white Mustang. The Damask MGBGT is actually a V8 from the Rover of the same era. My MGZT190 is from the Rover family as well.
Why is it that most MGBs are RED?

Although some are white! Looking down the line is the MGF, and a boy racer TC.

Although the first MGB will be 50 years old in 2012, you can still get all the parts to keep your passion on the road.
Strangely its probably easier to get replacements (and cheaper) for an MGB than my six year old MGZT.

Old and not so old side by side. MGTC boy racer and an MGBGTV8.

To wander around MG Workshop is a delight in itself for an MG enthusiast.

MG Workshop - a passion for MGs since the 70s.
Speaking with Tow Truck drivers and people in the automotive trade, I've been advised that the most reliable car on the road these days is the Toyota Camry - BUT where is the Passion in that?


  1. Really enjoyed this post, we have the same passions, other than Susan! My brother used to have a MGTC, wish I had it now. Since Nigel and I have been married we have been through an oldish Merc that was not that exciting, a BMW 2002, Porsche 911 targa 1977, Porsche 911T 1970, Porsche 356A 1957,Porsche 356B Roadster 1960 and last but not least a Morris Traveller 1959. Lots of restoration on the Traveller and the two 356's. We now drive a 2 door Clio RHD, bit of a down come but to date it has been cheap and reliable. Just managed to get it exported with much paperwork and costs!!
    The engine on my bike is dead at the moment, I have not ridden it since September!! Diane

  2. Diane - the 356s are my fave, have friends here that race theirs along with another mate who races a 2002. You have to get that bike back on the road, we can see you taking off on those French roads, discovering new places to share with us blog readers.
    Have a great festive season.

  3. Great post. our passion as well and we always have a convertible of some sort, although at the moment it is just a Smart! Love the comment about the engine on the bike!
    Have a good Christmas and I look forward to following you in 2012.

  4. LLM - A convertible in Italy - what else! Maybe an Alfa, Fiat or even a Ferrari and of course it must be red! But for parking, the Smart is best.


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