Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Yes, one last gallery before leaving Paris that I almost forgot to mention.
No antique artifacts, no memorable paintings from the Impressionists or Great Masters.

Galeries Lafayette has been on our list of return visits on each occasion that we have had the good fortune to be in Paris. I'm not big on shopping but Galeries Lafayette has one big attraction for me that brings back memories of  my past.
My first full time job was with Melbourne's iconic department store, the Myer Emporium. It had a feeling, an atmosphere about it that I occasionally feel on the odd time that I might return to the Melbourne CBD and Myer. It had three cafeterias, the general public one and the Mural Hall for those special occasions. Naturally as lowly paid staff member, I would occasionally grab a pie and chips with gravy, my very favorite at the general public cafeteria - there was also a staff cafeteria.

I also have a very favorite at Galeries Lafayette - its the Atlantic Salmon with a glass of white wine. When I said that this "Gallery" doesn't have any exhibits, I wasn't quite right. It's so interesting watching the people flow in and out of the cafeteria - so many different nationalities, cultures and classes. People watching is fascinating, isn't it.

Galeries Lafayette actually was named after the street where the store was initially established - on the corner of Rue la Fayette in 1893. The 10 story building of today on Boulevard Haussmann was opened 1905 with the steel and glass dome and staircases added in 1912 if I'm to believe Wikipedia.

And after the Salmon and white wine at the cafeteria, its a trip up to the roof to look at Paris one last time before returning home to Melbourne until the next trip.

Wednesday's in France so far has covered our first 2006 trip and this 2008 trip - Although we felt that we may not return, we did in 2009 as I found a special price on flights and I had eight weeks long service leave due.
2009 took us from CDG airport to Senlis, Chantilly and then down to the Loire for a week in Thenay, near Pontlevoy and Montrichard. Leaving the Loire we ventured off to Dijon for another one week stay and a couple of days in Lyon and back to Paris for another whole week. It was a most exciting trip and the longest we had spent in France. 2010 took us back for a shorter stay but more about that sometime later.

A few Paris scenes to say goodbye. That is until the next Wednesday's in France.


  1. More places to add to my list of what to visit when we ever make it to Paris again. I love that wiggly building, interesting. Not long now and you will be back :))) Have a great Christmas and I wish you all the very best for a healthy and prosperous 2012. Diane

  2. Oh! I do so love Galeries LaFayette - it's a magical place and your pics bring back many memories especially that view from the rooftop - wouldn't it be a treat to see it all dresses up for Christmas?

  3. Diane - Thanks for your good wishes. I'm sure you could add many places to our list of "not seen" places in France. Its nice to share each other's experiences.

  4. Dianne,
    When are you planning your return visit to Paris? We all miss your French site since you ran out of photos.
    If you think some of your reader might like to join us on our 2009 trip "Wednesdays in France" starts next Wednesday. We'd be very pleased to meet some of your fans on our site as well if that's not too bold.
    All things French will stay on our side bar until you return to it.
    We visit Adelaide for each and every post.
    Good health for 2012
    Leon and Sue


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