Sunday, December 04, 2011


Love those old time westerns, don't you?

Friday night started out with a "FILUM"night with friends - The film was the Alan Ladd western, "Shane". These friends of mine run a regular nostalgic film night maybe six times a year. It was a good start to the weekend. The same friends, well maybe 30 of us still taking in the nostalgic theme on Saturday morning had a bike ride using bikes from a past era. That was all a bit of fun.

The big event this weekend though was our son Andrew leaving for Paris and then London. He flew out Saturday night for Paris to a convention at the University of Paris where he will present a discussion paper. After five days in Paris he goes to London to meet his Tutor for the next two years. He's transferred his scholarship so England so he can study and be closer to his girlfriend who lives in Leeds studying medicine.
Maybe we will eventually visit England after this next trip to France - we'll see what the future holds.

Andrew, our travelling man about to board for his 26 hour trip to Paris
How exciting for him.
Back to Melbourne and it was time to start some back and front yard clean-up. We seem to hibernate a little in winter and the gardening does get away from us in the colder months. With the rain and the sun of spring, the garden has all this new growth with the colours of summer giving life back to the property.
Purple, crimson, red and white mix with the lush greens. So this weekend was one of weed-pulling, mowing and generally cleaning up. It's looking good....

There's not a great deal of planning that has gone into our garden over the years - It sort of evolved around us. It has a bit of a cottage feel about it. Neither of us are much of gardeners but we do like to enjoy sipping a glass of wine on a good day while "looking" at the garden.

Now that we have the outside starting to look reasonable, I think there's a list of inside jobs lurking somewhere in Sue's handbag. We've now lived in this house thirty years next year and even the renovations are needing renovating now. After raising two boys, now 26 and 23, 3 dogs and several cats, there's a few blemishes here and there that need some attention. Maybe there will be some subjects for future posts - but not too soon I'd say as the good weather is here with us now.

All in good time - life's for living - we'll get there eventually.


  1. Not fair we have had a very cool and damp weekend, the garden has loved it though so I must not complain.
    I am jealous, I so miss the jacaranda trees. We had both blue and white they are so lovely. Diane

  2. Never mind Diane - just wait another four months for spring and then summer and you'll be where we are once again.
    Good health to you BTW


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