Friday, November 18, 2011

Take a little walk with me........

A short walk and a song to start the weekend.
Do you remember last week I did this short walk in Westgarth - no more than 100 metres with my little Canon pocket camera? It was titled, "Do you see what I see" and followed with a clip of that song by Melbourne group, Hunters and Collectors.
This week I stopped in Albert Park on Beaconsfield Parade and did the same thing.
It tests you to look for something to photograph in a small distance, but this area on a sunny arvo just begs to be photographed. This time our title song is actually an old blues song, "Who do you love." I always remember the line as, "Take a little walk with me Arlene" somewhere in the lyrics. That's our post title.

Strangely this arrow points to where I parked my car for my 100 metre walk for this post. The streets of Albert Park hide some fascinating architecture from Melbourne's early heritage. It deserves more time than just a short walk.

All along Beaconsfield Parade there is a continuous bike and walking path. At the time I stopped the car, it was about midday and there were very few people enjoying a top day. What a shame!

The Victoria Hotel in Albert Park was built in 1888 - there are so many lovely old and prestigious examples of historic architecture however many have also fallen under the wrecker's ball. In a 100 metre walk, I can only show you very few. Maybe another time.

The same hotel from a 1950s postcard.
Shelter from the sun

This early photo shows the hotel in the background. Although this shelter no longer exists you can see from the previous photo how the new shelter echos what existed earlier. I imagine this photo is from the late 1800s or early 1900s. Certainly Edwardian - what do you think. The terrace homes before the hotel still survive.
The large double story building across from the hotel is also long gone but its in the area where I took my photos.

The sign says it all

Barrels on the deck - fisherman and yachties enjoy the occasional beer.

Albert Park Pier

I have no idea what this is all about but its interesting. I wonder if this old pier was part of the two storey building in the earlier black and white photo. 

Weathered wooden Pier
Shadows on the bike path

I remember many years ago that I discovered Tom Rush on some compilation album that I bought in some Melbourne back lane obscure record shop - he wrote some great original stuff that others recorded. This track although is an old blues cover yet it describes my walk today. Check out some other Tom Rush stuff.
Do you remember the lovely song "No Regrets" - yes, that's Tom's.



  1. The Victoria Hotel does not look like it has changed at all, the street and the cars have though :) It is good that you have old postcards to compare. I have some very old photos of Paris, they are really interesting. Diane

  2. You must post them or send them to us - love old post cards - each trip we buy old post cards as memories.

  3. All that sunshine......I can almost feel the I envy's milder here than normal for November but it's still November.

  4. Jean,
    I apologise for the sunshine and to not make you so envious, let me say it rained all day yesterday.

  5. I am back at last catching up on my favourite blogs after the olive harvest kept me away from the computer! I certainly enjoyed taking a little walk with you and listening to the music while I did so. Thanks so much for your support of my new project Travel Tales, it is appreciated.


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