Friday, November 11, 2011

Do You See What I See?????

Friday, I'm on my way home from work and I thought, "What can I blog". I was driving from Preston, through Northcote to Westgarth. It occurred to me that when we sit our mobile metal cocoons, we really miss absorbing our surroundings.

As I arrived at Westgarth, I parked the car and decided I was going to walk no more than 100 metres from the car with my pocket camera. These are some of the things that I might not have seen by driving through.
The little shopping strip is a bit left of centre with a great movie house and some good little coffee places.
It's a little Retro, its a little Vegetarian - in short its different and slightly weird but interesting.

Rudely Interrupted - Miserable Bastards - Tuesday's in November at the Toff. All part of the Melbourne entertainment culture. There's always something happening.

Above the verandas always fascinate me - some are left drab but retain their originality while others are decorated like this fruit and health food shop.
Of course there are other aspects of this that intrigue me.
Quite an unusual want ad, don't you think? And he I was with my camera already.

I've featured the Westgarth Theatre before. The run various movie festivals here such as Woody Allen films or The Blues Brothers over whole weekends.

Or maybe you might like a colorful 1940/50s frock for the weekend.

After you've donned your retro frock, you can slip into the Morrie.

Or pop over the road and have a Latte while sitting on cute little metal chairs.
OMG, these humans are so shallow - really!  
All I need is a nice little spot to enjoy the sun.
That's the life for a dog.
Amongst the wires and poles, these gossamer wings appeared. Why were they here I wonder.

"Do you see, what I see" is a song written by Aussie Band, Hunters and Collectors. I think it fits the theme of this impromptu photo shoot. Might do this again next Friday.


  1. Is that $250 a minute? LOL. If so, I wonder if he'll take guys...

  2. What a fabulous stroll Leon - so pleased you parked the car and took a walk. Very left of centre to be sure - love that dog.... and that Morrris!

  3. Great photos, some of those street scenes could easily be in France.

  4. Walt - the photographer is a lady LOL. Always good to hear from you.

    Dianne - I enjoyed it so much, its going to be a regular Friday thing.
    Might even just grab a beer or espresso and watch the world go by.

    Jean - sometimes I forget what our own home town has to offer - having said that, roll on May 2012 and France.

  5. Sorry I am slipping up, missed this post!!! My cough is getting me down and things are on a go slow here.
    It is amazing how a 10 minute stop with a camera can produce such a great post. I want that Morris, sold my traveller when we left S.Africa :-( Diane

  6. Diane - I think we all have a Morrie Memory somewhere in our past.


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